Who are we

Welcome to the Secure Signals and Systems (SSS) research group, where our research is embedded in exploring the increasingly interconnected world where communication forms the cornerstone of modern society; the imperative to process and safeguard these information exchanges has never been more crucial. Here, we dive into the dynamic landscape of the signals and systems in human speech recognition, unraveling their complexities and mysteries, examining their vital role in the integration of auditory neuroscience and advanced bio-circuit architecture design, and paving the way for a deeper understanding of speech and hearing technologies that underpin the transformative of bridging human and machine.

In addition to signals and systems in communications, an improved understanding of the nature of quantum effects in such systems has profound implications and impacts for topics ranging from hardware acceleration to software-defined hardware in both quantum and classical computing. Our experiments connect unique mathematical frameworks to build novel networking models at the atomic level in biological and communication systems in correlation with protection from undesired phenomenon effects. 

Major current research thrust include studying: